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Gigabyte gtx 1070 mini capacitors and resistors under ATX plug


Hi guys
I need information of these components under ATX plug. Can someone measures they for me? 🤔

so, in blue you circled some caps, in red inductors
important, inductors gotta be non-opened, caps not shorted
with one opened cap, that pcb may work
with opened inductor, it can't
caps values are not very important, for bigger ones try 100n if they are opened/shorted
why do you need those inductors value anyway?if they are not opened, you're good
for caps, i made before observations

Thanks for reply!
So on my pcb capacitors blown up and i dont have them, and someone take inductors :/ and places for inductors are empty. I dont know why someone take them but i must place them because its vram voltage line.

Maybe you can first try injecting voltage with a Lab bench power supply on that rail only to see if everything works fine (with the CC protection on of course) then I will use (as @perieanuo said) a jellybean 100nF ceramics to replace the missing ines and finnaly get the inductors... I think the most common value is 2uH.

Good luck with the repair!  :-+


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