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Good PSU repair shop in the UK?

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--- Quote from: Wuerstchenhund on February 21, 2013, 08:53:29 pm ---Thanks, I guess I will leave it until I find the time to do it myself, and you're right it may be worth just for learning a bit more about power electronics. The learning curve might be a bit steeper as this thing is apparently a bit more complicated than most of the other switch-mode PSUs I have seen in commercial stuff.

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Yes, things like the common ATX power supplies are quite simple, but the server power supplies (or whatever yours is can be complicated).

I was repairing a server power supply and it took me a while just to figure out how to make it turn on (as I did not have the backplane to which it was supposed to be connected), then it would work for a few seconds and start producing much lower voltage under load than rated (with a small load the voltage was fine). Turned out to be a leaky ceramic cap in the power on reset circuit - it leaked enough to cause the PFC controller to reset (and shut down) after a few seconds, resulting in a too low primary voltage.

Our company's been using a company in the UK called ' A1 Power Engineering (UK)'. Very good service and don't charge to evaluate a product - though they are only business to business and won't do work for private individuals I think. We have Lambda, Artesyn and Weir power supplies serviced by these guys and they've not let us down yet.


--- Quote from: Wuerstchenhund on February 21, 2013, 10:16:45 am ---I have a switch-mode power supply (Artesyn/Computer Products XL130-3630E) that needs repair
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Both list that part as something they can repair.

I presume it is for some HP equipment and has an HP part number of 0950-2369.
Someone in china is listing pulls from working equipment at US$500.

edit: should have said listing on ebay


What if you posted some pictures?

I agree with Andy. If someone already had a go then chances are something got damaged or made worse. I doubt 200 pounds will cover the repair. I have repaired lots of switching power supplies but I'd probably have to charge a multitude of 200 pounds unless it is something simple.


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