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Hantek 6022BE not working
« on: April 03, 2021, 03:48:35 pm »
I was trying to use my Hantek scope to see the pwm waveform on a power supply and when I opened the software it went into demo mode
At first I thought maybe I deleted the driver by mistake because I was cleaning out some of the unused files and I did not see any drivers in the device manager or at least not with the Hantek name attached to it

I reinstalled the software and driver but it was still not doing anything when I plug in the usb
I plugged in my camera in the usb port and that is working so I know the usb port is good

After some research I heard about someone who suggested to remove diode D2 but I think that was on a different model but I did open up the scope and I measured D1 which is near the USB B port and it was measuring short
So I removed that diode and the short went away

I ordered a replacement but I was wondering if anything else could be wrong
When I plug in the USB I am getting about 3.8V from the cathode tab of the diode to gnd with the shorted diode removed

Would that be normal without the diode in place ?
Isn't the usb supposed to provide 5V ?
Would the computer be able to detect the scope without that diode ? I am guessing probably not

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Re: Hantek 6022BE not working
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2021, 08:16:27 pm »
I made a little progress but it's still not working
I installed the diode but now the software doesn't seem to do anything
After that I took it apart and felt the bottom of the pcb a little warm so I thought maybe there was a short on the bd
I measured the regulator U5 that was in the area on top and I found the output shorted to gnd so I removed the regulator and nearby cap C12 but the short is still on the bd

At least now I am getting 5V up to the regulator input from the USB

So I think this may be a BER unfortunately because there are a lot of parts across the output and ground and and I would have to remove  all the parts just to find a short
Worst case it could also be a short in the pcb layers but I am just not sure what could have caused this kind of damage

I also removed L9 which is inline with the output so now the pins of the regulator are no longer shorted so the short is further away from the area where I felt the bottom of the pcb being warm

I may mess around with it by connecting it to a 5v dc source and see if something else is getting warm further down the line but that is a long shot and I could also damage it even more


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