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Heathkit IO-12 recap and a question

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Quarlo I don't think you read the whole thread.  And I don't blame you.  It's long and it's a whole damn saga.

I've seen some wasted sockets.  Melted, and I mean seriously melted sockets.  Like turned into molten lava and then rehardened - phenolic, bakelite, "plastic" or whatever you want to call it.  Black arcing lightning tracks, power tubes glowing bright orange...  10A fuses swapped in for 3A fuses, etc...  guitar players are rough on amps!  I also had an old stock GE6550A short out plate to screen and smoke the power transformer in one of my 1973 Ampeg SVT's once.  Of course it happened while I let a "friend" borrow it.  I had Heyboer rewind it.  Works great again.

Quarlo Klobrigney:
Oh but I have been reading all along.
I'm just to busy to reply, however I just had to.

As far as the ceramic sockets, i use them all the time up to 500V and have had no problem.
I don't know where you are getting them from, but you should change sources. Even a 9 pin socket made of ceramic should be able to withstand 1KV.
I replace a lot of sockets from 50's vintage radios both PC and PCB mount. No problems so far.
Just saying, that scope is low voltage in the signal paths.

I agree on all points.  Ceramic sockets would have been fine in this application, but a simple tube swap fixed the problem at the end problem (for now), so no use swapping sockets.  I just don't like ceramic ones, I had that bad experience with them once.  Left a bad taste in my mouth...

Update - couple days later and...  IT STILL WORKS! 

HUGE thanks to Paul Moir for helping me out by using his scope as a test mule, and thanks to everyone else that chimed in on this.

So glad to have a working scope again.  It's not calibrated?  It's low bandwidth?  It's perfect for what I need it to do.  It works again, and I fixed it myself (with help from you guys).  And the trace is actually sharper now than I ever remember seeing it.  Sweet!

Good job, glad to see an old instrument like that still getting some use. It's every bit as capable as it was back when someone paid what was likely several weeks wages for it. People managed to accomplish all sorts of things with test equipment that is primitive by modern standards.


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