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Help for repair; A Resistor value of Amprobe AM-240

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Thank you very much armandas. I suspected such a weird value.

Simplest way to get it is to parallel a 1R 0.1% 1W resistor with a 100R 0.25% 1% resistor. Either that or buy 50 1R resistors at 0.5% tolerance and select on test those that are closest to 0.99R and use one.

Don't forget to get "flameproof" resistor(s).  Otherwise, if this happens again, you will get a very large carbon deposit on your meter circuit board, and lots of magic smoke. ;)


--- Quote from: armandas on April 22, 2013, 07:19:36 am ---R41 is a 0.99R, 0.5% tolerance resistor. The colour code is black-white-white-silver-green.

--- End quote ---

Thanks armandas for the info. I blew the 500mA range on my AM240 a while back when I went to take a voltage reading having earlier taken a current reading and forgotten to switch back to volts. Eventually got round to ordering spare fuses for it and just discovered that R41 is also burnt out. Googling it brings up your response. This will help me get it back going again, cheers.


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