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Help for repair; A Resistor value of Amprobe AM-240

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Hi Guys,
A Resistor in my Amprobe AM-240 released his magic smoke so I can't see his color code. Could anybody who owns this meter could look up the value of resistor R41 on a rev 3.0 board? It's located directly above the com Input (see attachment).
The resistor has a five band colorcode and the outer colors are green and black.

Thanks very much.

I am curious. How did this happen?

That was a bit strange. I was just measuring different currents and let the meter connected to the circuit. After some time it didn't want to measure currents anymore. The other ranges seems to be fine.

So I assume you were on the milliamp range and had it near the upper limit of the range?

The resistor should not have died first, the fuse should have. Is the fuse still good? Is it the right one for the current range used?

Current sense resistor? Looks like the cheap-asses undersized the resistor, assuming you'd only be measuring current for a short period of time, and you cooked it. If you can find another AM-240, just use this one to probe its input jacks while set to mA and that's your resistor value. You'll have to recalibrate, though.


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