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Help identifying IC in Smeg toaster

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Trying to debug faulty toaster - wouldn't usually bother but Smeg replacement price makes it worthwhile to diagnose. IC is labelled RT2602H and 8006 (presume this mfr date). Photo attached to show form, code hard to read here but I can confirm it's definitely RT2602H. The IC is modulated by three switches and a 250K pot. It's involved in activating a small electromagnet that holds the activating lever down while toasting (that's what's faulty). Everything else I've checked so far, including on the main board (power in and switching relays) comes up OK. So I suspect this daughter board might be bad. Can't pin IC down on web. A datasheet would help with function/s and testing.

I suspect that it's a microcontroller. What are its supply and ground pins, and Vcc voltage? Do they match a PIC?

This is an interesting blog:


https://www.mouser.com/datasheet/2/115/PT8A2511-1350784.pdf (8-pin toaster controller)

That round logo seems to be Fuji Electric:

But unlikely to be the cause? See:


Thanks fzabkar and DavidAlfa for the quick advice and the links.  I think you're spot-on with it being an MC. The surrounding circuitry looks pretty similar to the Application Circuit in the PT8A2511 datasheet. I've started sketching it out. I have both boards out of the toaster at present and disconnected from the heating elements, so have to work through connecting it up and testing voltages etc with it out of circuit. The datasheets will be really helpful in trying to work out pinouts on the MC.

I did suspect either the relay or the electromagnetic latch but they both test OK. So I'm suspecting the relay is not getting the coil activation signal from the MC.  That should be easy enough to test if I can get it all connected to some re real or dummy elements loads.

Bit of effort for a minor appliance but I do hate sending stuff to landfill.

As an adult, I've hardly used toasters anymore (IDK I just never bought 1). But wow, do most of them have chips in them these days ?


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