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Help me repair HP 3632
« on: August 08, 2014, 02:55:53 am »
Dear All

I have one HP E3262 and 3 pcb in good condition (no broken - no blow IC )

But :
- 1 PCB Mainboard have Error 625 ( Communication with GPIB and RS 232 ) , Turn on  display work ok but when i rotatry encoder for change voltage and current. Any thing not change.
Voltage display in 0.0xxx V ( like reference voltage )

- 1 PCB have Unreg , when power on , only CV display , don't have CC . Everything ok ( Not have error like 625 - I/O Communication Error)

- 2 PCB when power on have long beep . Beep ..beep in 2 second . Display won't work

- 1 PCB brokent input but we have any part in good condition to replace for Error PCB

Pls help me to repair and guide to me how to step by step check and fix it.
Below it's link for download HP 3632 Service Manual

Sorry for my English , help you understand ( I live in Vietnam)

Many thank you so much !
My contact :
Best regards
Nam Nguyen Hai

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Re: Help me repair HP 3632
« Reply #1 on: August 08, 2014, 03:41:51 pm »
I recently fixed two Agilent supplies; the one you have with the unreg error, I would check the pass MOSFETS. In my case one of them had for sure blown, with possibly the second one blown as well. The symptom was the "unreg" enunciator on, and the measured output on the display was 0V and a very low current, regardless of the set points. I replaced the MOSFETs on my unit and everything works well with it now.

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