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Help me with the Philips PM3295 350MHz

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I tried searching for this issue alot but couldnt find the solution yet.

Hi, I recently acquired a pm3295 crt based scope. It came in as "not working". Although I already knew this was a common rifa job. Fast forward a bit and I have this problem sorted. Scope came on, everything worked. No weird smell nothing. Well this scope has one nasty problem with it and that is that you have to remount the outside cover, which is super hard. I followed the instructions in the manual 100% and overdid the instructions (read extra securely). (Add cover and lay the scope crt facing down) Now comes the fun fact that after reseating the cover, the crt wont come on again (everything else is working , auto set, triggering). No whining noises anymore, no trace or anything on the crt. Im thinking that the HT is somehow off since I cant hear a whining noise.

Thats where I need some advise. I already checked the focus and that part seems to be functioning as it should. The fillaments are also on. I dont think I killed the crt by following the instructions, but yeah, where should I go now? I have the full, printed service manual with it.

Measure all the crt voltages and compare to the manual chart.  It helps to have another scope to see if a waveform is being sent to the deflection plates.  Measure the high voltage.  If everything checks normally, it's a bad crt.

Thats what I thought as well. But the first sign Im focussed on is that the whining noise disappeared. This is caused by the scanning right? Or could this also be caused due to lacking HT?

I measured the XZ and Y amplifiers, they seem to work fine.
The high-pitched noise is still missing and so is the trace, I've looked in the manual and there is a protection circuit for the oscillator for the HT supply.
Atm, I can only measure 1kV top, any tips to do this safely?
I can't probe the HT while it's on. The whole PSU has to be removed before I can even think about putting a probe near it (that's how compact this scope is)

I've not yet opened up the HT supply, but I strongly feel like it is the HT supply. Maybe a failed transformer or voltage triple, I'll have to open it and check. I know there is a issue with the voltage triple that makes it short internally due to age (or earlier with some extra help aka vibrations).

Does a healthy HT supply normally have steady whining, just like it did when it worked?


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