Author Topic: Help needed. Advantest R3172 tracking generator 16MHz offset frequency  (Read 325 times)

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Posted it in test gear but looks like it is more appropriate place for this topic.

When i try to use TG on the unit it is sweeping +16MHz of center frequency set.
I found it when tried to setup some test. And found that it will not track at all.
I connected oscilloscope and see that it outputs proper amplitude signal but 16MHz about setting.
Also connected counter and it shows same shift i guess it is exact 16MHz measured with zero span set.
This SA had dead battery so i have setup new and calibrated, unit passed self calibration no problem.
Looks like some programming error.
As i understand TG uses same span as spectrum analyzer uses to sweep. But how it is shifted 16MHz up?
Can someone give advise where to start please?

Thank you.

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