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Help with bricked APC UPS SMT1500

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DavidAlpha writes: Sorry, but I re-read your entire post several times and found no reference to 1500 or whatever.

I wonder what the THREAD TITLE reads.... oh wait.... "Help with Bricked APC UPS SMT1500" I wonder what that's about....

But yeah the file isn't really that large only 256KB and the attachment limit of the forum is 8MB per reply by the looks of the rules seen when adding attachments.
So I just renamed the extension as the forum doesn't like BIN attachments.
I'll reattach the file with a more descriptive name for you then. But you still need to change the .HEX to .BIN though.
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But other models are mentioned in the thread too!
I'm not idiot, but "stm32.bin" is not a good idea! :-+


--- Quote from: DavidAlfa on May 27, 2024, 05:55:58 am ---But other models are mentioned in the thread too!
I'm not idiot, but "stm32.bin" is not a good idea! :-+

--- End quote ---

Yeah good point, I was too focused on my bricked APC SMT1500i and presumed badly that others had the same issue with the same model.

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Thankyou AstroAU for this valuable information I will order one of these programers and have a go at getting these two failed boards going again.

A bit more of an update - I took the  93LC66 off the dead SMT1000 board and replaced the one on the SMT1500 board, whacked it back in and now the UPS is showing its correct serial number and model :)

It is quite possible the STM *MAY* have the same software on all models. I'm not sure.

m k:
Since data seems to be 16 bits and so the small memory being for RBC7, maybe that is what defines the rest.
It would also be much more practical than many complete software versions.


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