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Help with unknown Chinese microcontroller for household fan


The fan in the bedroom quit working.  I was hoping for something simple, but it looks like the microcontroller quit working.   I have the 5V (crappy off line supply - geez, I don't think it could be any crappier)  and I can drive the triacs manually and get the fan to work.   So, I want to put some other microcontroller in there, but the pinout doesn't match anything I know.  (which, I'll admit isn't much - I piddle with 8 bit PICs.)

The number on the IC is HS153SP.   An internet search yields only places to buy, but I can't find any information.   Is this something common that I can buy and program without spending too much, or should I bodge in a PIC or AVR?   It's a 14 pin DIP IC, power seems to be on pin 7, ground is on pin 11.  (unless I messed that up - getting turned around or backward or something)

I couldn't find any data on it either. The name Holtek comes up a few times in search, but all their microcontrollers have an HT prefix, not HS.

For the sake of a few cuts and straps, I'd be inclined to hack in a PIC. It'll be a whole lot less grief overall than trying to obtain a development suite for a Chinese microcontroller which has no data or support available in English.

Your first job is, of course, to try and find out why the microcontroller failed in the first place. It could be because it's a piece of crap that was never tested at the factory, but it's equally possible that there are noise spikes that will slowly kill whatever part you fit unless you fix that problem first.

I checked further, and found an additional power  trace that goes to pin 4, so it seems it will be easier to make something else work.  I don't need the timer function, just on/off and speed select (and I really could get away without that, as we only use medium speed.)

Yes, after some thought, i realized how silly it is trying to use the same Chinese WHL micro.  I'll use a PIC, beause I have a programmer and some experience.  I do want to program some Atmels, but I think I have a Pic in my pile of parts.  It should be a good learning project - it's something most forum members could do in their sleep.

I have no idea why it stopped working.  It's bog simple - two diodes, one 1N4007 and one zener, and a 1000 microfarad electrolytic to give 5V.  Crappy and possibly dangerous, but double insulated, so probably not too dangerous.  Nothing was damaged, all components are good.  It worked for 3 or 4 years, then it just wouldn't turn on.  I thought the fan had seized up from dust. 

Three triacs drive individual motor terminals for low, medium and high speed.  I can ground the gate of any of the triacs - all speeds work.   The controller did nothing but make the beeper beep.  There is one MOV, that I should check, now that I remember. 

For now, I removed the micro and put a jumper between ground and the "medium" output, so it works, but crudely.   

ebay says it is a


high efficiency rectifier.  :palm:

I found a diagram using the chip.  Perhaps it will help?


HS153SP is likely the mask ROM version of the EM78P153SP.

(The part number reminded me of this one I found a while ago which had the same HSxxx pattern.)


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