Author Topic: Panasonic PV-1265K Playback Problem  (Read 102 times)

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Panasonic PV-1265K Playback Problem
« on: June 21, 2021, 11:09:43 pm »
Hello, Been a fan of EEVBlog for a while, and since I know he has looked at various old and unique electronics that I thought I would ask for help from this forum.

I bought a Panasonic PV-1265K from a thrift store, it wasn't in very good shape, the front plastic was damaged and was quite dirty, I bought it because in my area you rarely get anything interesting, plus it came with the original remote and even instruction manual. When I first turned it on, nothing about the playback mechanism worked, all that worked was the power and the clock. I did the standard troubleshooting, I replaced the majority of the belts on this unit that was suspect, although in this case surprisingly all the belts were intact and some of them were even still okay, which is surprising for such an old VCR. I believe the original owner attempted to fix this haphazardly, which caused the damage to the front plastic. I re-greased all the areas that needed grease, right now I am in the middle of cleaning all of the rubber parts inside the VCR. As of right now I got decent Fast Forward operation, and the Rewind is at least attempting to rewind, however playback is still a mystery to me. The VCR takes in the tape no problem, and takes the tape to the video head without any issue, however the moment it tries to play, it struggles, and the already played tape doesn't go into the end spool of the cassette and just spews out into the open, until the VCR stops and ejects the tape, it doesn't eat it or anything. While fixing it, I discovered a random spring that came out, I tried to find a service manual for the unit, but I couldn't find a free one to see if this spring is apart of the system.

I will attach photos, any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance, have a wonderful day everyone.

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