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Home calibration of HP 3456A


Hi all,

I got a deal on a "broken" HP 3456A on eBay that ended up only having a dead capacitor in the power supply.  Now that I have this spiffy piece of equipment, I'm concern that it probably need to be recalibrated (power rails may have shifted slightly with the new cap, etc).  But my cursory research seems to indicate that getting it professionally calibrated is both out of my budget, and overkill for my hobbyist needs.

So, the question: is it plausible to calibrate this device at home?  At least to a reasonable level?

Dr. Frank:
No chance.
(This has been discussed several times here, already).

For a proper calibration, you need a calibrated reference for each cardinal point and for all modes, i.e. 100mV, 1V, 10V, 100V, 1kV DC and AC, 100 Ohm, 1k, 10k, 100k.. and so forth.
That means, you would need an expensive  calibrator, which itself has to be calibrated.

Those pseudo solutions, buying those cheap 5V or 10V cheap reference PCBs, plus one resistor plus one current source may calibrate one or a few ranges and modes, but that has nothing to do with real 'calibration' of the instrument..



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