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Hoover vacuum brush roller motor only runs for a few seconds

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Help, please.  Bought a new brush motor for it, and it does the same thing, so figure it has to be a circuit board problem.  There's a lot of people on the internet with this problem but no fix. 

The main motor works fine.  When you press the brush roller button on the handle, the brush roller motor turns on, then shuts off after about six seconds.  It does it without the belt attached, so it's not a hair clog or similar on the brush roller bar.

Hoover 72400RM Air Steerable vacuum.  That may be a model number for refurbished versions of this vacuum.  Other models that look the same at least on the outside are Uh70400, Uh70402, etc. 

 Anyone heard of this problem before or has some ideas?  As I type this, I probably should have checked the resistor values already but have not.  And then I'm out of ideas.

One wire plug on the board goes to the lever/switch that disables the brush roller when the vacuum is upright.  That works properly.  The other plug goes to the brush roller motor.

If you're able to, check and replace the large red capacitor. It looks like an AC voltage-dropping capacitor. Also consider checking for any dry joints. Do you notice any components getting warm or hot? Please do not touch the circuit when powered up.

Is it in good shape mechanically? I have had this problem with my Dyson cordless vacuum a few times. If it detects binding it will stop the brush motor, so when it gets enough hair and lint and stuff wrapped around the brush and bearing it starts shutting off.

Also check the surface mounted ceramic caps for cracks; Dave did a video about this

Thanks.  It'd make more sense if the brush roller didn't turn on at all instead of turning on but then off 4 seconds later.   

No components hot.  I let the vacuum run for 5 minutes and pressed the brush roller button to turn it on (for 4 or so seconds) numerous times and checked it.

The roller can't be binding the motor because the belt is removed from the roller.  The motor is sitting in open air.

I don't have more than a handful of resistors around, so if I change the red cap it won't be soon. The numbers on it by the way are MPP 155j400V   and then www sdkj and then 1 or more letters that are blocked by the little red cap in front of the big one.

I don't see any dry joints.  Will try again on that and the cap for cracks tomorrow when there's natural sunlight maybe that will give me sight beyond current sight.



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