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How to improve my drill?(shorten the bit or repair the chuck?)

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Hi guys
I bought a WL-500A Mini Hand Drill. it has a problem. when I use of it for drilling the fiber(PCB) by 1.0mm "bit" it bad work. :palm: I think the "chuck" of it is lopsided. in your opinion, how can i repair it? with shorten the "bit"?

If the chuck is bent there isn't much you can do but return it.
It will be hardened metal and will probably break if you try to bend it straight.

Check that you have the drill bit inserted correctly with the right collet

Sometimes with chucks and small drill bits the chuck can close with the bit jammed (not centered).

Also check that the drill bit itself is straight.

I doubt that that drill can make a precise small hole, even with a perfect bit.

You need something with ball bearing like Proxxon, and a drill stand.

Maybe it's a little more expensive, but this is the cheaper price for that kind of precision holes.



--- Quote from: rozeh on December 02, 2013, 09:43:55 am ---y 1.0mm "bit" it bad work.

--- End quote ---

define "bad work".  What exactly is the problem?


--- Quote from: mcinque on December 02, 2013, 12:08:28 pm ---You need something with ball bearing like Proxxon, and a drill stand.

--- End quote ---

I second that! And some good drill bits, e.g. from Bungard.


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