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How would I go about finding a replacement LCD?

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Hi all, noob here..
Really hoping I can get some help here  :-//
I stood on my Guitar effects Pedal the other day, pretty sure I've stuffed the LCD. So I pulled it apart and got the LCD out. But now I have no idea how to find a new one..
The pedal is a Zoom G1Xon if that helps.

I've attached a few photos, showing;
The sticker on the top right hand corner of the display; with serial or product numbers (Gibberish to me)
The codes on the flat flex (more gibberish)

No idea where to go from here....
Thank you so much if you can help  :-+

Have just looked a bit closer :-/O ; it is about 43mm x 35.5mm
The flatflex has 18 (pins?) (wires?) thingies


You are screwed, pretty much no way to get a replacement (chinese do runs of custom parts all the time)

Richard Crowley:
For all practical purposes there are NO (zero, nada, zilch) "standard" LCD displays. They are essentially ALL custom-made and unique.
The only two practical sources might be:
1) If the manufacturer wanted to sell you a "repair part".  But that seems extraordinarily unlikely given the cost of the unit.
2) If you could find a used or discarded unit somewhere and "recycle" the display to "transplant" it.

I know nothing about effects pedals, so I don't know if this is some rare and valuable piece of gear that would warrant extraordinary measures to revive?
Other than that, it doesn't seem like a practical repair to me.

The display module doesn't appear physically damaged from your photos.  How did you confirm that it is broken?

Alex Eisenhut:
Just because there's no display, doesn't mean the display itself is what's broken! Check other junk first, maybe the power connector got broken?

Did you measure voltages? Check the backlight? Aren't these things meant to be stomped on anyhow?


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