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HP 1740A Channel B not working and flickering on A

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So apparently what I've been calling flickering is actually perfectly normal and to be expected on any analog scope.  :-// I went to the lab to try probing with a second scope, and I was told there was no point at all, and that nothing is wrong with it. So I guess that's good, although I wasted a lot of time on it in that case. But at least I learned a lot. Thanks for all the help! Everything else seems tow work on the scope as well.

Excellent  :-+, I was having some difficulty with the fault description and was thinking along those lines too. Trying to diagnose more esoteric issues remotely can be a challenge!. Nothing beats being able to have hands on.
 While it seems time might have been wasted, it actually was valuable learning of many aspects of the fault finding/repair process which will useful for all future work, whatever that may be.
As for the HP, I would give the Low Voltage Power Supply a one over for dry joints etc particularly around the transformer connections and the bridge rectifiers, generally where you get high thermal cycling and/ or mechanical stress. Also if you ordered a replacement for Q6 put that in too.
And lastly a nice clean and a blue screen filter   :). ...........Then put it to good use !.



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