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HP 34401 probe fits very tightly

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thanks for the bulletin.  That clears my problems.  Thanks again.

Never saw this bulletin  :-+


--- Quote from: Hamelec on December 04, 2021, 04:06:55 pm ---..had the same Issue.
Used a reamer to fix it 10 Years ago.
See Service Note as attached.

--- End quote ---
How the heck is the service note branded Agilent yet copyrighted 6 years before Agilent was created? Surely they didn’t just go and replace “HP” in old documents without updating copyright dates?

When is a 4mm banana plug not a 4mm banana plug?...  When it's a <0.155" banana plug!  >:D

Wow....  I didn't expect an official response like this existed.  So, the problem is the copper sleeve, not the plastic part?  Just confirming.


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