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HP 34401 probe fits very tightly

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I have something like 8 HP 34401 (not all of them are mine) and third-party probes.  All of them fit very tightly/snugly into terminals on 34401.  That is, as if outer diameter of the insulation on banana plug is too large.  Is this the way they fit?  I don't own a genuine probe by HP.  Some of them are just tight, but most of them are so tight, they are hard to pull them out.  What I have are eBay specials. 

Have anyone experienced this?

I think you need better quality probes :)

Wallace Gasiewicz:
Usually mine are too loose HA!

Sometimes a little white thermo grease (for mounting transistors on a heat sink) helps. Just a little. I know it is not conductive but does not matter.


You mean to say eBay probes aren't quality?  Ad said "made of high grade material in China."  Supposedly they are compatible with HP, fluke, Agilent, etc, etc, etc    :-DD

..had the same Issue.
Used a reamer to fix it 10 Years ago.
See Service Note as attached.


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