Author Topic: Pinout/Datasheet for 1002DS 16-pin DIP - HP Z800 (Correction)  (Read 80 times)

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Corrected - this is a 16-pin DIP of course!

I've been working on and off on a faulty HP Z800 850W computer power supply.  I have one unit with an intermittent fault which starts up OK and one unit that's failed completely in use.  After much comparison of working and non-working units, powered and unpowered, I've traced the fault as far as the pins of a 16-pin DIP on the secondary side marked 1002DS and "9G1 6". Looks to be monitoring 5V supply, which is working OK on both circuits. IC has no obvious manufacturer's mark. I think it might be an STM1002DS, described as for voltage supervision & comparator.  Much searching failed to turn up a datasheet - and some suggestions STM might not have released one.  The part is obsolete but still purchasable.  Can anyone help with a datasheet and/or a pinout/likely pinout for this IC?

Attached are a couple of images showing the relevant parts of the front and back of this board.

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