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hp 54600B privilege violation : OH

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My HP 54600B has been showing a horizontal and vertical calibration error message for some time when I turn it on.
I decided to replace the NVRAM, MK48Z18B-10 with a new one, encouraged by reading other posts that had done it successfully. To my regret, now the oscilloscope has died ( privilege violation : OH  ) and does not respond to any key, so I cannot perform self-calibration.
I also can't find a way to perform a hard reset, if this is the solution. Any ideas?

Have you used a ground-free solder iron?
Have you inserted a socket for the new NVRAM?
Can you try to seat the old NVRAM back?

Hmmm.... could you have gotten a counterfeit NVRAM?  I use a socket and install an original Dallas Chip.  Perhaps the scope doesn't like the timing of that one.  Had problems like that before.

You can also take your old one and grind into it to disconnect the original battery and fit an external one, which I have also done many times, to avoid fake chips.

Backup your old NVRAM to file using your programmer (you have one?).
Check your new NVRAM with your programmer.
If OK, write backup file to your new NVRAM.
Then insert your new NVRAM into your 54600B.
Good luck!

answers to the questions:
.-Have you used a ground-free solder iron?
My Hakko soldering station never gave me "ESD" problems.
.-Have you inserted a socket for the new NVRAM?
Can you try to seat the old NVRAM back?
Yes, I took the precaution of inserting a socket and immediately put the old NVRAM back in. with the same result.
.- I use a plug and install an original Dallas chip.
I bought an NVRAM in China!
.- Back up your old NVRAM to a file using your programmer (do you have one?).
No, I will buy a programmer and keep you informed.
But I'm afraid that if reconnecting the original NVRAM hasn't resolved it, something different has happened. I'm still looking for how to do a hard reset on this oscilloscope.


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