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I am asking the question in advance.
If you get an oscilloscope HP 54810A, which is actually a PC with acquisition card, and the hard disk is defective and completely unreadable (So impossible to clone) is there  a site where you can recover the soft (image or other)?


Wallace Gasiewicz:
Apparently you can using a ghost image,  Some folks on groups.io have done it. You need to partition the new drive first.
You could join Groups.io, which is free. and see if someone has the ghost image
Most folks just copy the HD before it breaks and load it onto a SSD after partitioning the SSD,
EDIT:   Otherwise I think You need the appropriate windows (NT, 96, 98) for your specific motherboard and then the drivers from Keysight:
But I have never tried this....


Thank you for your feedback.
I have an iso.group account.
I didn’t think I’d look there.
Thanks for the links.
have a nice day


See your PM.

Good morning,
Thanks for your answers.
My package is late, not yet received.
J wants to ask you some questions.

I ordered a SSD and Sata/Ide adapter (just in case) to clone.
I think maybe also change the motherboard. (I have a stock of cards from the 2000, network card, sound, etc.)
I read somewhere that there was a hidden partition D: (You confirm?)
Then I wanted to know if there is software protection. (Same, I had to read that there was a serial number or key too?)

Am I allowed to resell the original disk in the state with the software?
(I would of course have a double of security at home)
Should the protection be removed in this case if resell?
The soft have protected rights or now in the public domain?

Thank you for your answers


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