Author Topic: HP 58503A GPS Frequency Reference - Flashing Front Panel LEDs  (Read 345 times)

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I recently purchased an HP 58503A from eBay. Here is the listing:

When I power it on, with or without an antenna, the power LED illuminates on the front panel, followed by each LED one at a time. Then, after a moment, the unit alternates between all front panel LEDs being illuminated and only the power LED at a rate of about once every 3 seconds. I opened the unit and checked the rail voltages. I have 5.22V, +15.01V, -15.00V. No obvious visual issues (all caps look okay, no water or mechanical damage, etc.) The oven is warming. There are some LEDs on the board near the antenna jack and I have two red illuminated and a single green. I can’t get anything on the serial port. No scpi> and I can't send commands to the unit. It seems like it is not getting past the self-test routine.

Has anyone seen this before? I have a 30 day ROR but I like this model and would love to fix it if anyone has any advice.

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