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HP 6034L broken?

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Ok, I am a total noob.
I purchased HP 6034L on eBay because i needed a programmable power supply to test things, but to be honest, I am not sure if this thing even work or I am just dumb. 

SRQ LED lights up, as well as UNREGULATED LED.  Nothing in the back is connected to it.  Terminals are clear.
Knob for voltage allows to go to 2.46 only.  Can't adjust amps. 
What am I doing wrong?

First, I recommend looking over the service manual.

Those HP power supplies usually have separate sense inputs vs. output - you may need to jumper the S+ and + together, and the S- and - together.

yes, i just got the manual, will take a look at it. 

i also set the jumpers as you said.  now i can't adjust anything (stuck at 0.4 volts).  same LED's light up

I would verify the OVP setting, see the manual section 3-26.

Otherwise, you may have bought a bad supply, and will need to open it up to check it out.

OVP is at 65


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