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SOLVED: HP 6227B - slave channel voltage meter slammed right

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Above I wrote that I got 4 EA NOS transistors CA3026. Because there was no success with the replacing of the transitor(B) I checked the new (NOS) with my DMM and got following results (see file attached).
Does anyone know why I can read voltages from pin 8 to pin 11 and 12 (and voltages from pin 9 to pin 11 and 12)? When I look at the schematic diagram (included below the table) that makes no sense for me.

After all that days of frustrating work I finally found the failure. I read again the troubleshooting steps at high voltage condition and stumbled again over the phrase "Q7 open". So I checked the emitter track and found no fault. I checked the base track and found no fault. I checked the collector track and found ....... no stable connection to minus front slave. Cross check with the master channel: here are 0 ohms from collector Q7 to minus front master.

What is wrong with the slave channel?  :-//

Barely to see at the bottom side of the pcb mother board a conductor track was burned out.  |O

I replaced the burned out conductor track with a wire and now the PS works as fine as on the first day.  :)

Special thanks to Swake for the big support!!!

It is true that repairs can be very frustrating sometimes, and at the same time so rewarding when you finally find the last issue. I see it as experience, every time you get a little better with it.


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