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Having recently revived a HP5316A back to basic working condition, link here (sorry cant get it to work), anyway the next task was an alignment where the GPIB is used to provide some basic single line commands, but so far I have not had any luck getting this to work. The Keysight clone USB to GPIB cable seems to test OK based on the light sequence and front panel meter lights are ADSRD and Remote illuminate when a command is sent, but the response is Time Out, increasing the interval doesn't solve this. Screen shot attached. As I'm completely new to GPIB stuff any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks.

Adding, software being used is Keysight IO Control and Connection Expert,

normally  you should not get errors if all visa ivi drivers are there

your equipment should answer an *idn? request ???  you have to send and request an answer ...

there a few basic start tests to be sure all your connected stuff works

unless your usb gpib is bad ???

Can you be more specific on the adapter in use ?. What matters is how the adapter has been setup for the modes of operation. Such as:  is a simple instrument read possible, or, is it setup for an srq  interrupt on data ready, which needs to be recognised, before a read back ?. How are you driving the adapter, from your own C code, or what ?...

I imagine the HP 5316A pre-dates IEEE 488.2 and SCPI, so it won't support *IDN? which the connection expert will send to try to identify. It also won't understand SYST:ERR?. Check the manual for commands it support. During this era every instrument would define its own, unique set of commands, although similar instruments from the same manufacturer would often have similar commands.

Start with a command that causes a physical change of the front panel, like switching gate time. Then look if it has a command to query the status or current measured value, and write it and read again, or use query which is read + write. Ignore buttons like SYST:ERR?. They are for more modern instruments from the early nineties or later.

The HP531xA series uses old-style "R2D2" command set.  See manual here (page 3-29 onward).

If it's like my 5334B, just reading from the device will give you the current LED display value.
Try sending "RE" (reset) or "FN0" (rolling display test) to see if you get a reaction on the LED display.

Check the DIP switch state.
Setting should be "addressable" not "talk only".
Of course, make sure the address is unique and you're sending commands to it (don't assume default address).


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