Author Topic: TV Telefunken TS32D761L5 (17MB25-3 V1) will not start, LED blinks [SOLVED]  (Read 7697 times)

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Hi, I have this TV Telefunken TS32D761L5 (Chassis 17MB25-3 V1) won,t turn on. Only blinking blue LED.
I changed almost all the defective (17PW26) source especially electrolytic capacitors. Tensions are correct.
I tested the source in OKI TV, and doing very well.
Now, I have ridden the source in the TV Telefunken, and alone worked in mode: PC, analog TV. and AUX inputs.
DTT shows black screen, and no access MENU. I changed in the MAIN board SMD electrolytic C520 and C600 47Mf,
around the tuner, that were wrong and TDT has started. The TV worked two months and now returns to the blue LED flashes.
I checked all of the MAIN SMD electrolytic plate and I changed any more. The symptom is the same as before, which had commented.
But, if I turn off the TV with the remote control, does not restart, and the LED flashes.
I disconnected the keypad and remains unchanged.
I checked: tension-all good, the inverter ok.
My question is on the flash U132: MX25L1605 , and eeprom U103 : 24C64 that are not corrupt.
Someone could send me the dumps if any have? I have not found any respect for any information forum.   Thanks!

I measured with the oscilloscope, the input signal CVBS_3 pin45 of U138 (MST9WB6GQ-LF), and was upset. The MPEG decoder U104 (CT216T) as not working.
Trouble: The 1V8_VCC voltage is too low (1,05V). The U121 controller: LM1117 is defective. Change also: C543 output of U121(100Mf/16V)
The EEPROM-s are good. I am going to go up if someone is interested.

U132-MX25L1605DM2I(Telefunken TS32D761L5) - Mediafire link
U103-24C64W(Telefunken TS32D761L5) - Mediafire link
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