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HP1740A Vertical preamp hybrid


I bought recently HP1740A scope in a quite pity state.. After fixing its PSU and re-soldering a hundred of cracked solder joints it turned out that its vertical preamplifier hybrid (HP part 5081-3030-1) is half dead :(
Channel A 5mV balance is completely out of order and a quater of ranges simply don't work :(  The input attenuator/amplifier worrks OK.
Is it possible to get such hybrid somewhere or they are completely unobtanium ?
It would be very pity to throw away this scope, it doesn't have much use with ony one channel..

Be patient something will turn up.
I have a 1740 too waiting for some spare time, my second one.
Looked at http://www.sphere.bc.ca/test/hp-parts/hpparts3.html, they had one but now sold.
But probably worth an email to them to book their next arrival for you.
Keep looking on the "bay" for one being wrecked.
Put an add in the forums Buy/Sell Wanted too.

Hi! Thanks for the reply..
Do you know what you need for your 1740 ?
If I don't find that hybrid, I might dismantle my scope and donate its organs :), anyway it will be collecting dust if not repaired.

No not at this time. I have seen a waveform on the CRT, but it is an intermittent fault.
I'm not at all worried about the repair(when I get around to it) having repaired a good few CRT scopes in the past.
I have all the HV test gear needed and access to a 100 MHz pulse generator for calibration checks if required.
For my last one I got a donor from our NZ HP agent, but sold it with the last one for spares not thinking I might get another or be able to help you for example.  :palm:

Again be patient, you will find a donor or mainboard or the hybrid IC.


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