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BK Precision 1635A
« on: March 05, 2019, 02:56:43 pm »

just wanted to share my success story with this awesome power supply (BK Precision 1635A). I bought one off ebay a few years ago and have been very happy with it. So when I saw an ebay listing for 3 of them I could not resist.

On arrival one worked great, the other two had issues on the relays doing the tap switching. 1 of them had a completely busted front panel. After a 2nd plane trip back to my country a 2nd unit got it plastic front panel busted.

So I decided to start fixing the electrical parts, and contacted BK Precision asking for the service manual, in less than 1 hour I had it on my inbox. This company is awesome and I would recommend buying from them. Im attaching the service manual since I couldn't find it online.

After getting all 3 of them to work (trivial repair only required replacing the relays) I decided to make new front panels. I built those from square tubes using an angular grinder, drill and file.
Spray painted and they turned out ok. Had to insulate the potentiometers from the metal front panel (not an issue with the plastic one).

After all, the 3 units work great and Im super happy with my 4 power supplies.



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