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HP5316a HP-IB ribbon cable

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It was working, but flaky.  Sometimes it would show an E3 error, and it wouldn't trigger over all of the frequency range it should have (especially at the low end).  I think the E3 error may have actually been down to a dirty internal / external clock source selection switch, which I also replaced.

That's it really, the standard stuff I do when I buy an old instrument; clean the controls and replace the electrolytic capacitors.


One last question, hopefully. The channel B BNC jack is mangled on this guy. It's labeled as J2 in the documentation, but I'm not sure what to replace with. Do you have any clue what to use? Looks like it's probably just a surface mount one...

The jack itself has written on it 24931 28JR175-4, which would seem to be a well obsolete Souriau part... there must be something that'd work though. =/


Recapping the unit, and using some jumper wires between the gpib and main board got the unit working. =) The two 3700uF caps were completely gone (15pF capacitance), but  the larger 4200uF screw terminal one appears to be fine (I replaced it anyway). Waiting on an order for the DIP IDC connectors, and ribbon cable. Also thinking about replacing the main timesource with an OCXO, but I'm curious how much current the +5V rail can supply. Given the size of the filter caps, I would guess quite a bit, but do you have any thoughts? Looks like the optional OCXO for this unit uses the +7.5V rail for it's heater.


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