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HP5316a HP-IB ribbon cable

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Just purchased an HP5316a off eBay, and it powers up into an E2 state (meaning something is wrong with the HPIB). Opening the device up, I notice that the cable joining the main board to the HPIB board, is missing. It's two dip sockets with a cable between them, but I'm unsure of the pinout (I plan to just make a cable). Anyone have one of these units that wants to post a good picture of the cable, and maybe even tone out the basic pin mapping (basically, is it just straight through pin 1 to pin 1, or does something cross over)?

If taking a picture, could you also take a picture of the area around the main IC. There's a small 14 or 16 pin socket in the area that's empty on mine, and appears to be that way in the documentation as well.


I just took some photos of my HP 5316A.  I didn't get a very good shot of that cable, but hopefully this helps.

I also had a look at the service manual, and it's just a straight through connection.

awesome, thanks. Can you confirm that small socket next to the main CPU is empty?


other question is, what the heck do they call these DIP cables? Am curious what one would cost, but Google-fu is failing...

Ribbon cable and IDC interconnect socket.


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