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HP8591E battery dead - who wants to share calibration data?

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I got an HP8591E with dead NV-RAM battery (CR2477) and lost calibration data.
The last calibration sticker is from 2022 and now, barely 2 years later, the battery is flat (~0.3V).
Of course no one saved the calibration constants before the battery was flat -> shit happens... |O

Unfortunately, I don't have calibrated RF level meter and RF generator available to try a self-made calibration.

I found calibration data sets of two HP8591A in this thread:

Both calibration data sets are not much different, so I'm hoping I can find some data sets for the HP8591E that I can compare,
and if they are close, I could average the values and use them as default values for the lost data device.

I hope someone would like to help me.

Maybe a user of an HP8591E who has not saved his cal constants yet, would like to take advantage of the opportunity to do it now and like to share the values?

Only one what you need is flatness data and reference oscilator adjustment (this is possible to do using known frequency, counter, etc.).. 
I am sending you a printout of flatness (screen without signal) and you can write these flattness values manually in the service menu.
The another calibration constants are generated by autocalibration sequences and you must only connect calibrator output and RF input.

Thanks Minolta,

--- Quote ---I am sending you a printout of flatness (screen without signal)..
--- End quote ---

I'm not quite sure how to read the values from your plot...
Is that the noise floor?

How did you generate the plot?

Don't you have a record of your SA in this format:

Added empty forms and 'how to backup':


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