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HP/Agilent Infinium 548xx scope - Power Supply Schematic !

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Conventional Wisdom:
If you hear clicking when you press the power button, that's good news: it means the standby power converter is working.

The 54810 uses a different power supply from the one that I documented for 54835A/45A/46A, but it can be bench-tested with just a 2-amp dummy load on the +5.1 V output and a 200 ohm resistor to bypass the inhibit input.  See chapter 5 of the service manual, which is easy to find:  Just Google "Publication Number 54845-97008" (with the quotes) to find it.

The root cause of my PS failure was abysmal workmanship by whoever repaired it before I got it, but in my experience, the small 25-year-old aluminum electrolytics are also a frequent cause of trouble. I replaced all of them while I had my supply torn apart.

Good luck -- CW


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