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Hung Chang (Korea) series of mid-1980s oscilloscopes was made in 20, 40, 60, and 100 Mhz models, selling under Hung Chang, Protek, Beckman, Philips, Tenma, or other names. The 40Mhz Hung Chang 5504 sequence may be: (5) inch screen size, (5) 198[5] year, and (04) Mhz X10 rating. It has an off-white faceplate re-branded Beckman Industries 9104 or Protek 5504; or else a black faceplate as Philips PM-3209 or Tenma 72-740. "Instruction Manual" included by Hung Chang includes schematics, parts, and calibration adjustment control info. Link for Hung Chang 5504 manual:
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