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OBY-600 Moving Head Luminaire - Need Control Board
« on: May 09, 2015, 09:04:03 pm »
Some time ago I was trying to fix a problem with a OBY-600 Moving Head DMX Controlled Luminaire,
Unfortunately  :palm: I had a probe slip, which put 12v onto the 2 Pic Microcontrollers on the main Control Board (the one with the LED Displays and Buttons) The Micros are PIC16C57C's.

I was told that since everybody is moving over to LED fittings, that this one is discontinued, and even if I get it working, I will only be able to sell it for about USD200 (and this is a 40KG beast, so shipping will also lower the cost!). So I would rather just get it working again, and use it.

If it was a simpler design, I might have been able to produce code for the 2 pics, but as it is, it is very complicated.
1 Controller handles the 7 Seg Display
The other controller receives the DMX and then spits out commands onto a common bus between it, and the (at least) 12 other PICs. Each of those pics controls a seperate stepper driver chip.
So I do not know the protocol on the bus between the main uC and the rest of them (and as that main chip is fried, I have no way to try reverse-engineer the protocol)
Does anybody have a dead one lying around that they will be willing to part with the control board (or even just the PICS) I will gladly pay postage to South Africa.

The other option is to try and sell it as non-working, or even part it out. But I don't think it will fetch much in either case (although it has quite a few stepper motors, decent optics, working lamp,etc)...
But If possible, I would really like to resurrect it.


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