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Iam looking for a good replacement for 1854-433

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Hi, I ask with which transistor to replace the 1854-433 placed on the +17 V. positive branch of my 8012B being repaired. the manual only specifies 80W 2MHz device.

it is a NPN in the power supply, not a very special transistor.
Depending on the package take something like a 2N3055 / BD245 ..

Edwin G. Pettis:
Hello, the 1854-0433 was sourced from Motorola at the time (ON-Semi) and the commercial version of it was SJE931.  I don't have a full data sheet on it but Vce=60V, Ia= 10A, 90 watts shouldn't be too hard to find a replacement.  I don't know if any SJE931 is available, they date back to the 70s.

thank you for the very useful information, certainly it is not easy to find a TR with those characteristics in TO126.

A TO 126 is a bit small for that level of power. So there is likely something wrong. Chances are a modern part would be more like TO220 or even larger.

If available the circuit diagram around where the transistor is used can help. When looking for a replacement part it is a good idea to look at the plan anyway as the relevant parameters can vary with the circuit. 


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