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I have a non-working switch mode power supply which I'm trying to fix. It has an SOT23-6 chip on it marked with 62813 but after Googling, I can't find anything resembling a switch mode controller. It appears to be driving the gate of the main switching mosfet so I'm surprised I can't find anything. Does anyone know what this might be?

The power supply is type number HKP10 5v 2.5A made by Hung Kay. It's out of a Roberts Radio MP Sound 53.

Without a clear hi-res photo we do not know the exact layout of those numbers.
This can have a major affect as to if a search returns any or no results.
But a Google of: "62 SOT23-6 ic data" or "628 SOT23-6 ic data" brings up some results.

Normally to get results for coded IC's, you should include the package type and pin numbers in the search.
Also coded type IC's in small packages can have only 2 or 3 alpha-numeric characters.

You may also have to check a datasheet pinout against the physical circuit and or a "Typical Application" (like shown in many datasheets) to ensure you have the correct one.
The last check for confirmation of correct identification is the identifying code as listed in the (hopefully matching) datasheet.


hires pictures of both pcb sides + picture of supply case

I don't have the ability to take a close up picture of the chip. The numbers are in one row with no other markings except a dot marking pin 1.

It may be some SG6858, LD7550 clone or similar IC  http://www.fairchildsemi.com/datasheets/SG/SG6858.pdf  http://www.100y.com.tw/pdf_file/LD7550B.pdf
Check if pinout corresponds to this IC, if yes, then you could try it. But first try to replace electrolytic capacitor and diode connected to the VCC pin. It won't start if capacitor is dead or diode is leaky.


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