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Impressively awful soldering done by repair shop.

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From a Panasonic plasma, TH-42PZ8BA I am repairing. This is what a TV repair shop has done in an attempt to repiar the common 10 blinks fault; amusingly, the set continues to display 10 blink error with this damage (the fault is on the stand up PCB attached to it.) I was able to reverse most of the damage, though I had to use some jumper wires because several pads were hanging on by a hair.

Wow that is horrible.  I haven't seen a TV repair shop in who knows how long, was that a certified Panasonic shop or just some local place?

I have seen a 6 year old do better   :-+

It was some local "cash-for-electronics" shop which also advertises repair services.

Anyone know what the white gunk is? I was able to wipe it off with a damp cloth.

Looks like they used crusty old pipe solder!


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