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Indium Foil Thermal Pad


I remove the below heatsink (at the attached image) where it had indium foil thermal pad. As I read on the internet indium foils don't have a very good thermal conductivity. Do you know if there is a specific reason for the using of indium foil? Can I use a thin thermal pad instead of indium foil?

David Hess:
The thermal conductivity of indium is not that good, but the layer of metal once applied is very thin.

the thermal conductivity according to tests is very similar to thermal compound with the mid range pad.

the reason is clean and easy to apply, just expensive (so are good silpads for processor heat density levels)

I expect the difference will be within a few percent if you get the best thermal paste.

this makes me think it hardly maters

I beleive the designer select to put aluminum foil because the heatsink was placed in a way that can't be detached easy (attached picture). If he was puting paste it has to replaced in short periode of times. Instead of the Indium foil where it has a very longer life (maybe it will not replaced ever). I don't know if I will find a so thin (0.1mm) thermal pad in reasonable price, so I will stay with the designer's choice (or if I try another solution I will tell you about the results).

P.S. This way of holding the heatsing (at the attached picture - I don't know if it has a specific term/name) it seems to me cheap.. why they just put two screws?

its indium not aluminum and that spring will never loosen


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