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Is repairing monitors/TV's really a viable business?

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I'm sure we've all dumpster-dived a monitor or three and replaced the capacitors in them...  I've been known to fix CRT TV's in the past as well, but I've been thinking about it...  Is it really a viable business to repair this stuff?  Sure, I could dumpster-dive a whack of monitors, fix them up and sell them on ebay or something, but it doesn't sound all that profitable... despite the fact that a capacitor costs like 10 cents, and a new monitor costs like $150+.


Not with the price of new being so low. you need a big investment in tools, parts and such to fix the more obscure ones. It can work as a sideline if you can get a good stock of tossed ones for free or cheap, and then run an eBay store with them for local sale, though you will need remotes, somewhere to store them and to run the repaired ones for a day or two to check them.

Problem I see is it's only the 24"+ variety that's worth that kind of money. Anything less you can pick up for around $100 at my local computer store.

So what's the market? The average consumer over here will replace the 2-3yr old monitor with a new larger one when they upgrade a pc, meaning the smaller lcds are being given away now. And that's perfectly good working ones. So unless you can find the larger modern displays being tossed (24+) I don't really see how you could sell them.

Didn't think so, was just throwing it out there...  it just sucks to see all this stuff wind up in a landfill because of some cheap capacitors.  :-//

Dear Canuck:

--I agree that it could be a good side line, if you have a plentiful source and plenty of room for projects. I also would recommend you expand your repertoire to include anything and everything that is portable, obtainable, repairable and profitable.

--I fix anything and everything from TVs and Monitors to Washers and Welders. I just repaired a Panasonic 50" Plasma (with good advice from Tom66). It originally cost about $1200, and I replaced a board for $40, and gave it to my brother for Xmas. I gave my buddy a 32" Westinghouse LCD. I am using a 36" Olevia LCD for a monitor, very easy on my old eyes. I, like Dave, have repaired LCD monitors, stacked to the ceiling. Often they are not valuable enough to sell on eBay, so I just give them to friends or donate them to charity. My repair failures have actually been much more profitable than my successes. I have done quite well, parting out TVs and Microwave Ovens, particularly the later models. I have not made a great deal of money, but I have made enough to support my hobby and to buy some very good "for repair" instruments. I have another very small side line in Fluke DMMs.

--It is a good way to learn something, help people, and make a few dollars. You can find out almost anything you need to know on the Web. And, very good advice is available here or at some of the the other blogs, like Badcaps.net.

"We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid."
Benjamin Franklin  1706 - 1790

Best Regards
Clear Ether


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