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Good evening; I am currently repairing a JBC SL-2300 soldering station which fully regulates the temperature...After disassembly; I notice that the electronic card has 2 wires at a corner of the card where the sector arrives; which justifies the inoperative regulation... My question is therefore: what is this component replaced by a piece of wire? Resistors; diodes?? What are their respective values? In addition I would also like to replace the complete iron because some parts are missing....Here are the card references: JBC 0223395...If anyone can help me find these 2 missing components as well as the iron; that would be great! I am attaching the photos I took.....Thank you for your valuable help!

Good morning; I also specify that the voltage measured on the iron is of the order of 160v which causes the resistance to glow quite quickly; I unplug it immediately! The voltage should be close to 24v; we therefore have a tension 5 times greater....Cdt :-\

According to the exploded diagram on page 12 of the user manual, it would appear that this station has no stepdown transformer. Therefore, the heating element must be controlled via a TRIAC. I would think that you would need to measure the heater voltage with an RMS voltmeter.

Page 13 identifies the part numbers of the individual components of the handpiece.


Hello, and thank you for the feedback...I have the documentation for this product, but unfortunately I am looking for the diagram, or photos of the board of a functional soldering station....I measured the tension on the iron; it is located at 160v and should be around 24v...Cdt ;)

Good morning; if anyone has this model; could you give me detailed photos of the card??? Thanks in advance :-//


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