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John Deere CommandCenter will not start anymore

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may be someone can help?

I have a defect John Deere CommandCenter device which will not boot anymore.
I already found out that the enable signal for backlight stands on low, so display is dark. If I connect a high level to this pin, backlight starts, but screen don't show any information.
So my guess is an issue in controller part.

Some additional observation:
- Supply voltages are available (12V input and at ignition PIN, 5V, 3V3, 1V8)
- only the upper CAN controller has a running oscillator, at lower CAN controller, the oscillator is not running.
- Device of realtime clock has no supply and seems to be switched off. The Oscillator is also not running.
- Current consumtion is approx. 230mA (instead of approx 600mA for running device)

1) does anyone knows this issue and has an idea how to fix it?
2) Most of the devices are identified, there is one device close to powersupply, I can't find any information pictures are in the attachment.

Does anybody know this device? Or can help?

Thanks in advanced

Stray Electron:
  I can't help but there are so many of those out there that I would think that someone would have started developing 3rd party support and 3rd replacement parts for them.

   NONE of the farmers in my families would ever have bought such a gimmicky farm tractor. They want ultra simple and reliable equipment that can be fixed with nothing more than a screw driver and a monkey wrench! My cousin is still using the MF tractor that his father bought in about 1970 and the Ford 8N tractor that he bought when he came back from WW-II.

Since you mentioned RTC, Is there a battery on board? Coin cell? Lithium primary?

That is NCP1406SNT1G.

@ amyk: Thank you very much. You're right this is the device and works fine after pulling enable signal to high.

Meanwhile I was able to start the device a couple of times, after oscillating the ignition signal at the connector. But this is not stable and really random.
I think a central switch-on signal is missing. If this will work, I'm currently quite sure that display will work again.

Close to the Step-Down Controller (TLE6389) is another decive I can't identify, because of too many possibilities (Marking W3P).

Does anybody knows this device?

@Gribo: no there is no battery implemented. Meanwhile I think there are some configured funktions which are switched off, like second CAN Interface
@Electron: I aggree with you, but I'm the guy in this village who knows how to work with an oscilloscope. So I'll give the display repair a try  ;)



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