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Just fixed backlight problem on MacBooc 5.2, documented.


Hi people =)

I just need to share this in here.
If someone else got this problem with there old mac.
I talked about it a little in another post. https://www.eevblog.com/forum/chat/new-to-macbook-help-me/15/

But here it is in total.

Would love some feedback on how you understand that this clip is just a part of the guide on the site and not the guide itself.. cause that would be a very bad guide.. its more of the diagnostics of the puter.. but people need to click links in the descriptions to go to the site.. and I hope that is made clear from the clip where I added som text to tell them that..

And here is the complete guide:

First time i opened a mac.. first mac i own.. so I had to open it right..
Don't turn it on.. Take it apart ;)

That CG robotic arm just drive me nuts. Too much of it for so short video.

I'm working on new graphics..
Some friends told me that too.. the in between clip was just to short too..
So your comment made the difference!!.. the robot is gone by the next clip!!!

Thx for the feedback.. im all new to the video editing world so I really appreciate all feedback I can get!


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