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Keithley 199 repair FIXED another one

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In the mean time I managed to convince guys at   http://www.siq.si/ to calibrate it in the name of science and curiosity (and goodwill) for free. And we will repeat the procedure in a few months to see if holds to specification.

I promised some pictures and here is one :-D Hooked up to HP 6632B which was likely calibrated a few years ago by its Finnish ebay seller - I didn't expect to see numbers match like they did.

While waiting 2816 EEPROM to arrive, I created this contraption  :D
It is Li Ion battery powered Hyundai 6264 SRAM memory. I copied calibration data from "dead" EEPROM to it, go through 30V range calibration on dmm, and my old Keithley is now working as new  :)

Beautiful!  8)

Glad to see that the 199 is up and working. They are a great instrument.
I've had one for a few years, and I picked up another off eBay about a year ago "for part/not working" for only $20. It wouldn't take any readings, only display "------". I took a chance (at only $20, a small risk). So what was wrong and how did I fix it? I pushed the Trigger button!  :palm: The only fault was the previous owner's lack of knowledge on how to use it. It needed a calibration for better accuracy but then it was perfect. You don't come across deals like that often.


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