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Shark Wheelchair Motor Controller Cables
« on: January 30, 2024, 05:58:50 am »
I’m trying to repair a wheelchair based on the Shark platform by Dynamic Controls.  The motor controller failed but otherwise, the chair is in good electrical condition.  Replacement controllers are available on eBay but they require some tuning for the specific motors being used.  Although the platform is obsolete, documentation is remarkably good.   

The local repair shops don’t want to deal with a DIYer of unknown competence.  I can’t really blame them but it looks like I’m on my own.  Unfortunately the programmers and adapters are quite expensive.   I suspect I could cobble one together.

Programming Cable:   DWIZ-CABLE
The cable appears to be just a  standard RS232 to a weird 5 pin connector (not a standard DIN).  I doubt there’s any special electronics in there.  Anybody got a pinout for this cable?

Programming adapter:
This goes from the from the custom 5 pin connector to the XLR connector on the chair joystick. There are two version of this adapter - Orange (DWIZ-ADAPT) and Blue (DK-ADPT). I suspect TX and RX are swapped.  Again, I suspect there’s nothing more than wiring in here but it would be nice to confirm.  Anybody got pinout for the adapter?

For anyone with these cables/adapters, do you have a few minutes and an ohmmeter to help me out?

Shark motor controller documentation:
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Re: Shark Wheelchair Motor Controller Cables
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2024, 10:58:07 pm »
I will probably get some stick for this from dynamic controls in new zeland but here goes.

DB9 connector has pins 1, 4, 6, 8 all connected to each other (acts like a security & cable test/confirmation dongle)

DB9 pin 2 = pin 1 on 5 pin connector
DB9 pin 3 = pin 2 on 5 pin connector
DB9 pin 5 = pin 4 on 5 pin connector

the 5 pin HIROSE connector is a no longer manufactured one but they do manufacture an 8 pin version that has the correct alignment for the 5 pins required, just don't insert the other three pins in the plug, (connectors have tiny/thin crimped pins not solder pins).

The two adapters orange and blue are not just adapters, inside they have a circuit board with electronic chips that convert the signalling from standard rs232/cmos to machine signalling.
In the adapters on one of the chips is a tiny eprom with firmware and an embedded code that tells the software which adapter is connected.
But there is yet another additional key in the form of a usb hasp security dongle which is required by the software in order to function properly.
The security dongle has coding in it along with a software licence key and user id code.
the coding along with the licence code programmed into the dongle can only be for one of four access levels:
1: dealer , 2: enhanced dealer , 3: oem , 4: factory
The software can be used without the usb security key but it only allows downloading of the settings.

In other words, Dynamic Controls came up with a programming system that has several layers of both hardware and software security measures so that it is as difficult as possible for an unauthorized person to carry out programming on their controllers.

I have looked into this extensively, as have others.
Making the cable is easy but all you would have is the main cable, there is no hacks/cracks for the usb security dongle, there is, however, on another forum, a circuit board design for one of the adapters using common components and some home made pcb manufacturing, but they don't have the adapter's firmware and embedded code, it is still a work in progress but they have had some success at transferring data to and from a few controllers.

The cables/adapters/dongles are not obsolete, they are still used, the manufacturer just wants to make it as difficult as possible for someone that is not trained in their systems to be able to alter the programming, especially the motor programming.

I hope this info is of some use and clarifies a few things about the dynamic controls programming system.
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Re: Shark Wheelchair Motor Controller Cables
« Reply #2 on: May 26, 2024, 11:37:01 am »
Thank you for the information!

I am just starting work with a DK-PMB60 from a parts chair and a DK-PMB50 in use on my wife's chair.

Any more information on connecting the Wizard software or other ways of changing drive mode settings, like a link to the homebrew adapter, please let me know, thanks!


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