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Keithley 225 - Transformer wanted (or replacement advice)


Hi All

I have a Keithley 225 that I think is otherwise in good condition but unfortunately, I get no voltages out of the transformer at all.  Looks to have been butchered at some time in the past??  I am looking for a replacement either new or second-hand.  If someone can advise on a suitable substitute that would be great.  Any help appreciated.


Do you know the specs of the transformer? I assume from what you've said that the primary is open? Have you looked to see if there's a thermal fuse? I've repaired several transformers that had the thermal fuse blown by a power surge.

The transformer will very likely have a grounded shield between primary and secondary to reduce capacitance to ground (check the schematics). In that case replacing it with a generic transformer would probably degrade performance. I'd try to fix the existing transformer first.


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