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I have recently purchased a Keithley 2700 and it appears to have the input section broken.
DCV has an offset of about 5mV with leads shorted.
DCI shows 2.2A without input.
Ohms show( almost) dead short in 1Ohm and about .19 Ohm in 1M and above ranges

Can anyone help me with advice and/or schematics. I read some threads here but I don't have yet a solid path on how to approach this.
Power supply rails are ok, and the input  FET's seem to be correctly switched in respective modes. I spent a few hours today in an attempt to find faulty components but it is hard without schematic.

As a starting point I would expect many similarities to keithley 2000 multimeter.
On Xdevs.com (https://xdevs.com/doc/Keithley/2000/) you can find schematics (https://xdevs.com/doc/Keithley/2000/K2000.pdf) and repair manuals for it.

Thanks! I didn't think about this  :palm:
Will check and report here my progress

*By the way, if you want to run the built in self test you have to enter the "secret" mode by pressing the "OPEN" button wile powering up (keep it pressed for a few secs...).
Afterwards, by pressing "SHIFT", "DIGITS"("TEST"), you'll find the hidden self test.
Good luck

Amazing tip. I have error codes in 300's, 400's, 500's and 600's
I don't have the cards so I have 700's codes also.

So... I needs lots of coffee :)


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