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Kenwood Trio CS-1040 calibration problem

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Party Scratch:
Hey guys, I am trying to calibrate my oscillosope  http://u.rpsx.eu/YxW.jpg . I bought the service manual http://u.rpsx.eu/QRB.pdf and pretty much following the instructions there. But the problem is, that when I calibrate the vertical CRT centering and the vertical axis positioning and I put the cover back, the traces moves up about one division, the invert position goes off even the trace rotates a bit. How can I solve this? Any ideas? Thanks

You should probably not be calibrating it on a carpet  :P

Party Scratch:
I am not. I just put it down to show the metal casing, as it wouldnt fit on my table. But how can that make a difference?

Could be a magnetic field.

I have got a cs2110.
The metal casing is made aluminum, but the handle bar is magnetic.

So maybe your handle bar is magnetized.

Party Scratch:
Can confirm, the whole metal casing + handle is made of steel and indeed slightly magnetized. So there is the problem... Thanks. Is there a way to demagnetize it?


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