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Keyboard on Oscilloscope Agilent 54810A

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I got an Agilent 54810A.
It has an Atlas PCi3 757 motherboard.
The keyboard input is a 5-pin DIN.
I’ve been struggling ever since to run a keyboard.
Having only keyboards with PS/2 sockets, I made an adapter and even tried with a directly welded cable.
Apart from the flashing of the 3 leds on power up, impossible to communicate.
So I would like to know if someone managed to operate a keyboard type PS/2 on this type of motherboard.

Not clear, they speak of a PS2 connector and on the board it's 5 pins Din ???
See page 29 of the manual


Don't know about your setup, but I can confirm that DIN to PS2 adapters do work, maybe the motherboard is defective.  I've used keyboard adapters (factory made, not DIY) many years ago and they were working flawless.  Never opened one to see what's inside.

I assume only keyboards made in a certain timeframe will be compatible; "back then", sometimes an adapter was thrown into the retail box. However, that was just electrically connected, no electronics involved - that was done by the controller IC.
Pretty much the same happened with the transition from PS/2 to USB, the first USB mice supported PS/2 via adapter...

So you either need an older PS/2, or a DIN-plug keyboard (from the computer junkyard).

a 5 pin din  is an AT  keyboard  not a ps2

a 6 pins is a ps2 ???

AT to ps2 keyboard need an adapter, and yes      junkyard time   or some recycling centers ???


I will have a din keyboard to test for less 5 €. This scope for E..y  seems to me to be an agglomera of everything that may break down. We will see! LOL
iI will raise the doubt, because I tested everything, apart from that



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